Sorry, I really can’t. But I know someone who can. The Holy Ghost. AKA: the Holy Spirit. And really, this is the only way we can know. Ask God, expect an answer. It really doesn’t get any simpler than this.  More »

Last week I had a dream. It was one in a series of dreams I have had over the course of a year. I know these dreams are not ordinary dreams, but from the Lord. This most recent one was important enough that felt I should share it.  More »

King Benjamin’s addresses, found in the Book of Mosiah, chapters 2 through 4 (Book of Mormon), may very well be one of the greatest teaching on Christ, the Atonement, and just being a Christian found anywhere in the scriptures. When introducing people to the Book of Mormon, I always ask them to start in Mosiah as this address is just too powerful to ignore. More »

Though a tad late for Mother’s Day, I wanted to write a bit about our Heavenly Mother, a Goddess in her own right. We do not talk much about her, yet we know she is real. How do we know this? What should we do with this knowledge? Why don’t we worship her as we do God the Father? Is she even doctrinal, or merely a logical conjecture based on hints in the scriptures? More »