Meeting the Lord

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Note: Due to questions about the history of the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship and its founder, we’ll be publishing articles on this topic the first Monday of every month. For more information about the origins of the Fellowship, please see the Book of Avahr

As a young boy, David learns of the Lord and makes covenants with him. Summer 1979 or 1980.

By the time I was six years of age, I had seen my angel friends numerous times; they had taught me, and answered many of my questions. I told practically no one of my experiences as I the very few people I tried to share my visions with mocked them, thinking they were the imaginations of a child; yet I knew them to be true. 

A number of times I I had asked to see the Lord but was told I could not; I surmise now it was because I was too young to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, or simply not ready. But, in truth I do not know why I was not permitted to see Him. I know my faith allowed me to dream dreams, have visions, and visits from angels, but I fear that my lack of understanding as a child may have stood in the way of seeing the Lord for myself.

One day, I was sent up for nap time, and as usual, I did not sleep; I was playing when the angel of the Lord appeared and asked me if I would like to speak to the Lord. I answered in the affirmative and was told to go to the window, but that I could not open the curtain. My room was on the second story, so I surmised the Lord would be standing on the ground, but his voice was clearly just on the other side.

I asked the Lord if he was flying; He said, with a voice full of joy, that he was, in a manner. I had been told I was forbidden to touch the angels, and wondered if I could touch the Lord, so I asked him if I could give him a hug, to feel Him with my eyes closed; but the Lord saw through me, asking me if I would peek. I admitted that I would, He laughed with a joy I will never forget and we talked for some time.

He first answered all of my questions and then began to ask me questions; finally, he asked me if I would covenant to serve Him and I told him I would, as he made me happy. After the covenant was made, he left, but as he did so the joy of being in his presence left too. Wanting the Lord to return, I opened the curtains, expecting to see Him, asking him to come back; but he was gone.

I turned back to the angel who told me that once I was baptized and received the Holy Spirit, I could feel that joy all of the time; it was also explained to me that there would still be pain, trials, and hardship. The angel of the Lord told me that our time together would be over soon as he had little left to teach me. The angel said that I would still receive visions and revelations, particularly after I had received the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

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