The Law of the Lord Chapters 4-9: Prayers & Sacrifice

Revelations, Scripture

The following is a revelation received by the president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints organized in 1844, James Strang. We ask members of the Fellowship to read this revelation prayerfully to determine if it should be added to the Fellowship Doctrine and Covenants.



1 Thou shalt delight in blessing, and not in cursing.

2 And in the name of God, and of all the holy ones, even all that are above thee, shalt thou bless; and it shall be a blessing.

3 ¶ Thou shalt bless thy fellows, and thy children and servants, and theirs; and all who seek to learn the righteousness of God, and the peace of his Kingdom of thee, and all whom God has committed to thy care.

4 And him who blesseth thee, shalt thou honor.



1 Thou shalt not curse, out of the bitterness of thine own heart;

2 Nor shalt thou curse any but he that is under condemnation of God’s Law, and, being oft rebuked, will not repent.

3 ¶ Thou shalt not curse thy neighbor, nor the stranger that dwelleth with thee; for the hand of the Judge is over them.

4 And, possibly, when he rebukes, they will repent, and turn to righteousness: but when he curses, then shalt thou.

5 ¶ But thou shalt not curse any who is placed in authority, or has jurisdiction over thee.

6 If they oppress thee, or do thee unrighteousness, and thy cry ascend to God in heaven, in heaven will he hear thee.

7 He will be the avenger. Curse not, lest thy curse return upon thee.



1 When thou prayest, thou shalt not use many words, or vain repetitions; for God hath understanding;

2 Nor shalt thou cry aloud; for God heareth the whisper of the heart.

3 ¶ Nevertheless, in the assembly shalt thou speak with an audible voice, that he who prayeth with thee, may say, “Amen.”

4 ¶ Thy prayers shall be unto God, thy Father; for he is rich in mercy, and loving kindness;

5 And in heaven shall he hear thee, in the fulness of his wisdom and goodness, if thou believe on his name.

6 But unto his Ministers shalt thou petition for whatsoever he has dispensed unto them; for his mercy is over all his works.



1 When, in blessing, the Lord thy God shall bestow upon thee any great and choice blessing; or, in his abundant charity, shall deliver thee from any great calamity, thou shalt assemble together thy wives, and thy children; thy friends, and thy neighbors; and shalt celebrate his glorious goodness with thank-offerings, and feasting, and music, and dancing.

2 ¶ And for the chief blessings of God to thee, shalt thou keep it in remembrance from year to year, and teach it to thy children, that they who inherit the blessing may not forget gratitude to the giver,

3 And the remembrance of the goodness of thy God be preserved throughout all generations.



1 Thou shalt offer upon the altar of the Lord thy God, and before his Priests, sacrifices for sin offerings, and for trespass offerings, and for memorials, and for peace offerings, and for thank offerings.

2 ¶ Thy offerings shall be of the firstlings of thy flocks, and of the choice of thy fields, and of the chief of all holy things.

3 ¶ Of thy flock shalt thou offer the firstling of male or female, without deformity or blemish, of such as divide the hoof and chew the cud;

4 And of fowls, shalt thou offer all singing birds; and of fishes, all that have scales and fins; and of shell fish, such as have two shells, and move about from place to place.

5 These shall be holy unto the Lord thy God, and shall be offered upon the altar.

6 ¶ Of the choice of thy fields, that which is good for food without change or addition,

7 And whatsoever is used for bread for man, that is holy unto the Lord thy God, and shall be offered unto him as an offering, and lifted up to the Priest; but it shall not be offered on the altar.

8 ¶ And whatsoever other thing ye offer, it shall be accompanied with one of these, and thus thy gift shall be sanctified.

9 But if it be not accompanied with one of these, thou shalt redeem it at the Priest’s valuation, and it and the price thereof shall be the Lord’s.



1 Whensoever the Lord thy God manifests himself unto thee in majesty and might, or walketh with thee, and revealeth unto thee wisdom and knowledge, thou shalt erect unto him pillars, tablets and enduring monuments, and make inscriptions upon them;

2 And shalt write and inscribe thereon his dealings with thee, his blessings and mercies, and his great power and glory, which he hath revealed unto thee; hat it may remain a witness to the generations to come; and that they may know that thy God is God, and there is none else.

3 ¶ Thou shalt preserve the memory of the chosen of God, who have been faithful in their ministry, and in the calling whereunto the Lord thy God hath called them, fresh with thy children, and thy children’s children.

4 ¶ Thou shalt build monuments to their memory, and erect pillars and tablets, and inscribe their praises, their works, their faith and their sufferings thereon;

5 And when thou beholdest their monuments, thou shalt remember them, and talk of their righteousness, and teach thy children to walk in their righteous ways.

6 ¶ When God giveth thee a victory over thy enemies, thou shalt commemorate it with monuments and inscriptions.

7 ¶ But over the graves of persecutors and blasphemers, and they who shed the blood of the innocent, and at the places of their abominations shalt thou pile rough stones, with muttered curses, against the day of the resurrection of damnation.

8 ¶ And thou shalt teach thy children to add a stone to the pile as they pass by, and to curse him that removes the stones, and cleaves unto their wickedness.


The Fellowship interprets these revelation to instruct on prayers, celebrations, and remembrance. While we understand that under the Law of Moses the sacrifice of animals was required, we now live under the Law of Christ and they are not. The chapter on sacrifice then relates more to the idea of how to properly tithe.

If accepted, this chapter of the Book of the Law of the Lord will be added either after what is commonly known as the Lectures on Faith, or at the end of the collection of the Sections of the Doctrine and Covenants.

Thoughts, comments, and other interpretations are welcome below.

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