Revelation on the The Law of Witnesses

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Revelation received by Apostle Alexei Christopher Mattanovich in the spring of 2018. This revelation was voted on and sustained as canon for use in the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship by the Assembly of Saints April 6, 2020. In the words of Brother Mattanovich: “On this occasion, I was collecting and pondering various revelations by other prophets and sharing them. A brother in the testimony of James declared that no revealed book could be valid unless it was accompanied by human witnesses. I answered, ‘The Revelations of Muhammad found in the Qur’an are analogous to those found in the Prophets and Doctrine and Covenants, for which none had witnesses, and I do not have an official witness page though some have received a separate witness. I may assume that were one to translate from an ancient hard copy, others may be grave to see and testify to it.’ That day, the Spirit further clarified what is meant by The Law of Witnesses, a phrase Alexei had also used incorrectly. The majority of this section is written in the Apostle’s voice, with he and the Holy Ghost speaking as one at times. Some words of the Lord are included.”

  1. This humble one, in his myriad errors and misspeakings, minted the term “the Law of Witnesses” when speaking about about the Book of Mormon, that out of the mouths of two or three witnesses shall every word be established, and insisted upon the need of at least two. “The Bible,” said I, “is one, and the book of Mormon is one.”
  2. So it has returned upon me also after showing that James Strang had witnesses to the Brass Plates containing the Book of the Law of the Lord as Joseph Smith had witnesses to the Plates of Nephi, that this pattern shall be expected of every prophet for every new revelation because of the “Law of Witnesses.” Not so, came the words of the Almighty and have rebuked my pride and vain flattery.
  3. Though the law of witnesses has an exalted and official sound, no such law exists in the kingdom of God except to accuse wrongdoers and to protect the innocent. Though the beginning of a pattern appeared to emerge between Joseph and James, providing human witnesses is the exception rather than the rule for the mouthpieces of God,
  4. And we see that providing physical plates and human testimony along with the many proofs that support the prophets of the Restoration, has not caused but greater disbelief and the more bitter persecution.
  5. No, God says if you want a witness, you shall have a witness, and it is the Supernal Witness, the revealer of all truth promised by the fulfiller of all promises.
  6. Verily speaks this same Spirit, since my mission is to persuade human beings to come unto God and receive a witness from the Holy Spirit, if you fail to receive that witness, my mission has failed where you are concerned, whether you believe me or do not believe me. Each of you are enjoined to go to God and do not believe until you receive the witness.
  7. We are entering into a new age and dispensation when mere belief will not be enough. The Holy Spirit, like a fire from heaven will be poured out upon the people and will burn away all ungodliness, leaving us purified in the Lord.
  8. This mortal shell shall burn away and we shall be baked as stubble in the furnace until we are glowing embers radiating the light and heat of the glory of the Eternal Fire. Our worldly cares will burn with it, and our fears and vanities, our suspicions and jealousies, our own will that stands in resistance to the Divine Will.
  9. All that shall be left in the place of this demon of the earth is the image of God, exalted on heavenly ground, gazing upon the reflection of the Divine Majesty, without so much as a curtain between us.
  10. We are not preparing to live by an intermediary law, but exemplify celestial principle and build the Kingdom of God with the hands of faith, in power and might, working miracles and mighty acts. It will be a holy age, not of many words, but of action, and the embodiment of Christ, the very Spirit of the Sacred Word.
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David, First Elder

Amen! I vote yes.


5 votes yes from South Carolina


I approve the scriptures and revelations presented. Yes in all.

Christian Amparano

5 positive votes from here in California

Victoria Ramirez

My votes from Conference 2020: Pending Scriptures, All listed – yes

Kristine, Co-President

I vote yes