The Law of the Lord Chapter 20: Calling of James Strang

Revelations, Scripture

The following is a revelation received by the president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints organized in 1844, James Strang. We ask members of the Fellowship to read this revelation prayerfully to determine if it should be added to the Fellowship Doctrine and Covenants. Additions or changes to the text, added for clarity and by Holy inspiration, are in italics. This chapter was originally titled: Calling of a King, but was changed as this was revelation to James Strang about himself, and his ordination by the hands of an angel. 

Calling of James Strang

God is the only just and upright King over all; whosoever is not chosen of him, is a usurper, and unholy.

1 THE Lord your God hath made the earth and established it, and unto him the dominion thereof belongeth.

2 He created man, and gave him dominion over it.

3 The nations are the workmanship of his hands; and he hath the right to rule.

4 ¶ He appointed Prophets and Priests, and Rulers and Judges; but man rebelled against them.

5 He made laws, but man broke them, and trampled on them, and forgot them.

6 ¶ Unto Noah gave he dominion over the earth: and to Shem after him;

7 But the people rebelled against him, and established their own ways;

8 And those that oppressed them were their Kings, and ruled over them in unrighteousness.

9 ¶ Moses is the Lawgiver in Israel; but the people kept not the Law of God;

10 And, rebelling, they set up a false god, and worshipped it.

11 When God would make them a prophetic people to rule the earth, yet they despised his majesty, and went after other gods.

12 ¶ Men and women have everywhere rebelled against God: nevertheless, the earth is theirs, and the fulness thereof.

13 The dominion of it belongeth to them, and he conferreth it upon whomsoever he will.

14 ¶ He hath chosen his servant James to be a leader over the people of God:

15 He hath made him his Apostle to all nations:

16 He hath established him a Prophet, above the worldly things of the earth; and appointed him leader in Zion:

17 By His own voice did He call him, and he sent his Angels unto him to ordain him.

18 ¶ And the Angel of the Lord stretched forth his hand unto him, and touched his head, and put oil upon him, and said:

19 “Grace is poured upon thy lips, and God blesseth thee with the greatness of the everlasting Priesthood.”

20 “He putteth might, and glory, and majesty upon thee; and in meekness, and truth, and righteousness, will he prosper thee.”

31 ¶ “Thou shalt save his people from their enemies, when there is no arm to deliver; and shalt bring salvation, when destruction walketh in the house of thy God.”

32 “Thou hast loved righteousness, and hated iniquity: therefore thy God hath anointed thee with oil, and set thee above all thy fellows.”

33 ¶ “Thy words shall be like sharp arrows in the heart of the wicked.”

34 “Thou shalt rebuke those who pervert the word of thy God.”

35 “Thou shalt preach righteousness and the sublime mysteries in the ears of many people; and shall bring the gospel to many who have not known it, and to the nations afar off.”

36 ¶ Thou shalt drive backward and put to shame those that do evil; and the workers of iniquity shall fall.”

37 They shall be cast down, and shall not be able to rise.”

38 “With purity will the Lord thy God arm thee, and purity and truth shalt thou teach.”

39 ¶ “Keep the Law of the Lord thy God in thy heart; and none of thy steps shall slide.”

40 “With thee is the fountain of truth.”

41 “In thy light shall the people of thy God see; for thou shalt speak his words unto them, and from thy lips shall they receive it.”

42 ¶ “The blessing of their God shalt thou put upon them, and his curse upon evil doers, if, after being oft rebuked, they repent not:

43 “And before my people shalt thou go, to lead them into my ways; for unto thee has the Lord thy God given salvation.”

44 ¶ “In righteousness shalt thou lead:

45 “Thou shalt redeem the poor and the needy from suffering and violence; and to thee God giveth judgment for them.”

46 “Thou shalt deliver the prey from the spoiler; for God, thy God, hath put them in thy hand.

47 “And in weakness will he make thee strong.”

48 “Thou shalt lead among this people.”

49 “Thou shalt break in pieces the rod of the oppressor, and the yoke of the unjust ruler.”

50 “They shall flee away, but the way of peace shall they not find.”

51 “¶ “While the day of the wicked abideth, shalt thou prepare a refuge for the oppressed, and for the poor and needy.”

52 “Unto thee shall they come, and their brethren who are scattered shall come with them;

53 “And the destruction of the ungodly shall quickly follow; for it already worketh.”

54 “Go thy way, and be strong.”


The Fellowship interprets this to be an account of James Strang’s ordination by the hands of an angel to lead and proside over the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, organized in 1844.

If accepted, this chapter of the Book of the Law of the Lord will be added either after what is commonly known as the Lectures on Faith, or at the end of the collection of the Sections of the Doctrine and Covenants.

Thoughts, comments, and other interpretations are welcome below.

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