The Shulemna

Revelations, Scripture
  1. I, Shulem, Messenger of Light, am come to show thee the things of the past and things which must shortly come. I come to you from the Holy City, the regions of light; the city whose name is Salem, meaning the peace of God, the holiness of God and the righteousness of the people whose glory is the glory of God. There are those in that city who belong to the Holy Order of God and whose work in God is to draw the ones seeking light and truth into themselves. Thus they minister to the nations, kindred, tongues and peoples and draw out of them whomsoever will come into their order that they might also be made partakers of the glory and the law that is in that city; that they might become one with all who are partakers of the light.
  2. Lift up your eyes and perceive. Open up your ears to hear; that your heart might be cleft in two to receive and know for yourself the light, the glory, the peace, the truth, the harmony of those who are ministering to thee of the light that is in them; and thus they are Shulemna, those who are the bearers of light.
  3. I was myself in the days of my fallen flesh encumbered about as thou art, subject to doubt and pain and sufferings, in the like passions as thee, but I did cleave unto my God in mighty prayer all the day long; yea, and into the night did I raise my voice on high, weeping and pleading constantly for myself and my people; for they had all waxed strong in iniquity until they did plunder and murder without reason and judgment. Yea, the spirit of that evil one did take hold of all, both old and young so that there was no safe place because of the destroyer who was loosed upon the land. And I did weep much for my people for violence and death were their watchword, and naught but vengeance was in their hearts. And it came to pass that as I was walking on the path of the city of Ammonihah to behold the carnage there, I did pray mightily unto my God to deliver me from the destruction that was all about me, behold I did meet a man who asked why I did weep and from whence I did come, and I did answer him saying that I did come from the place Ramulon and that there was great destruction in that place, for no one was safe except to hide by day and night.
  4. Believest thou that thy God can deliver thee? he asked, for he held onto me that I could not turn aside. Yea, I cried, I know that my God can deliver me, for He can do all things that seemeth Him good, and I know that He doth provide a way for escape to all those who diligently serve Him and for this hope do I pray all the day long. Then go not to the city of Ammonihah, he said, but go to a place which I shall show thee and thou shalt be safe. I ran quickly to the place which he told me, for I did take hope that my pleadings were to be answered. Yea, I did know in my heart that my God was with me.
  5. When I did come to the place I did find others gathered who were watchful and prayerful to be blessed of God. And we did unite our voices together that we could be delivered from the evil which had taken hold of all the people who had once dwelt in peace. And we did fast and pray and lift up our hands and hearts continually that we could be protected and delivered; and behold, I will show you that we were protected and delivered, for we did know from our God that there would be an entire separation of the righteous from the wicked, and the righteous would be preserved and the wicked would be destroyed.
  6. And behold there were others who did come out of the forest and join us; for they did come by ones and two’s, being led by the Spirit of God, bringing some food and some possessions, and gathering together until there were in number sixty-seven souls who did pray together as one. And the food which they did bring was multiplied so that no one was hungry; and sometimes we did go into the forest in search of food for all to eat, but we did not go much into the forest, for we were afraid of being found for we knew that there was safety in numbers. Yea, we did know that as one our God would preserve us, but in separation we had no protection.
  7. Thus, we did gather and preserve ourselves from day to day, fasting and praying that others who had faith in God would find us and be preserved. Thus did our hearts grow together as one until we were visited by one Moroni who had power and authority from God to bless and teach us, teaching us that we could rend the veil and be as he was, not subject to the pains and trials of the flesh, for he had overcome all.
  8. With that gladness did we lift up or voices unto God; yea, we did praise Him all the day long for we had come through much tribulation and had been sore afraid. And Moroni did anoint me as their leader and teacher and did bless me that I could see into the heavens and behold many great and marvelous things. And I did take hold of the gifts of God, and did feel them magnified in me until I felt that there was not anything that God could not do in me, so powerful was His Spirit in me, and so great the visions and glories which were opened up to me. And I did travel, in the Spirit or the flesh I know not, for it did seem the same to me; and I did behold the destruction and death in all the land, for the devil was loosed and ran rampant in the hearts of all the people. But I did behold that there were others like unto our little group on whom the Spirit of God was doing a marvelous work and a wonderful thing was happening to them like unto us. And thus did the Lord separate out His people from amongst the wicked, and they were few indeed compared to the great multitudes who had fallen by the sword under the devil’s dominion. But those who had faith in Jesus Christ and held fast unto that faith and could not be shaken were preserved, yea, everyone who did lay hold of the promises of the Fathers in their hearts. Yea, they did set their feet on that highway of holiness and did receive the fulfilling of the covenants which were made unto all the fathers since the world began. And not one who had faith in Christ unto the fulfilling of the covenants were lost, and all did find their way out of the devil’s dominion and did find safety and protection according to the promise of God unto our fathers.
  9. And Moroni did visit us from time to time, giving us instructions and endowments enabling us to rend the heavens and to see and know and comprehend those things which were hitherto foreclosed to us. Yea, we did obey and follow Moroni in all that he said unto us, making covenants with Jesus Christ and with Moroni and with each other; accepting all who came unto us who would obey the law of Christ. And there were none who would not obey, for they had been much driven and tormented in the devil’s dominion and had been led by the Spirit of the Lord out of tribulation.
  10. And behold, others did visit us also so that there began to be free and open exchange between us and those who had power over death; for we saw that there were many like unto Moroni who possessed in themselves much power and dominion, light, and glory which we needed to understand to come into their order. And even all our needs were taken care of, both physically and spiritually, insomuch that we were in want of nothing that was not supplied. We began to see that all our food and even our clothing was preserved so that it did not wear out, nor were our sandals broken or worn.
  11. In all these things we did praise God; yea, in the morning did we shout praises unto our God who had delivered us, and all the day long did we sing songs of praise, and when night came, we did not cease to rejoice in the Lord our God. And when we were discovered by our enemies, they could not enter our camp for the fear of God did take hold of them. And when some of our enemies did find that they had no power over us, they ran away afraid; but some repented and sought to join our band, repenting and rejoicing that they had been saved from the jaws of death and hell.
  12. Thus did the work of separation take place, on the one hand gathering unto God in little groups of those who could see and hold fast unto the visions of Zion which was in their hearts and the rest, on the other hand, being totally turned over to the buffetings of the devil until the testimony was bound and the law sealed against them.
  13. And thus did the Lord reign in the midst of His people, giving and providing them with every blessing of heaven and earth so that they were preserved in all things from the desolation; the Mountain of the Lord’s house being truly established among them. And thus did the devil reign in the midst of his people, bringing on the abomination that maketh desolate on all the face of the land.
  14. I, Shulem, do tell you this, commanding you to write but not to send forth to the world, only to a select few who will believe and understand; but unto the rest, seal it up for they will not learn wisdom when it is given them in plainness and truth. Oh, you wicked and perverse generation, know you not that that same desolation which destroyed my people is coming upon your own? Know ye not the revelations and blessings and promises of God are available
    to you in any generation of time? Know ye not that the same destroyer who brought down my people and made them so that they were no more, is poised and waiting to reap down your people in like manner? Come out of her that ye may escape the wrath of God, the desolation of abomination which awaiteth you. Come, lest this desolation overtake you as it did my nation. Come, that we may minister unto you of the preservation which the Father has provided for you, which preservation is in Christ Jesus and the Omega of His redemption. Come ye my people, and partake of His fullness and His power. Amen.
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