Pardes and the Orchard of Kabbalah

Perhaps the most interesting perspective to come from Kabbalah is the idea that heaven isn’t a far away place. It’s not something to look forward to eventually, but rather something here and now, if we will open our eyes and see it. This is because Kabbalah is about perception. “Change perception, change reality.” This is the last of the Seven Principles of Mormon Kabbalah. Heaven is in us and around us, if we will but see it. How then do we find heaven? We start with a walk in the orchard.


When I was very young, my mother was always at home; and on special occasions, my brother and I could stay up and greet our father when he came home […]


Slander, gossip, talebearer; these are all types of lashon hara (Hebrew: “evil speak”) that fall under the sin of rechilus. The word rechilus comes from the root “rachil,” Hebrew for “a peddler.” This is because a rechilus act is just that: peddling gossip, or ill will towards another.

White Pen

One of my friends (a crazy, energetic girl who showed me what living for Christ really meant) used to have this little, interesting thing she did.  There were many fascinating […]

The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible is a collection of the oldest of God’s words to mankind. It consists of the writings of the ancient Jews, including the Christian Jews that followed Christ and their message to the gentiles . “Bible” is a plural Greek word meaning “Books.”