Church vrs Torah

In the shower this morning I was considering the concept of “church”. Every time I run into a conversation on – church – I get uneasy. I don’t believe in church but I know the person does. The moral structure of churches are hypocritical, limited and artificial. I believe in the structure of society Moses laid out in the Torah, is more honest, and lends itself to spiritual connectedness to Gd.

The Word of Wisdom

The Word of Wisdom is an interesting doctrine of all Latter Day Saints and Mormons that accept some form of the Doctrine and Covenants share. While we all enjoy the blessing of the revelation, it seems that each sect interprets it very differently. What does the Fellowship do with it? 

Revelation to the Levites

For the Levitical is the Keys to ordinances, Holy Days, feasts, and fasting, and of the months and days in the year, as keepers and guardians of the temples, singers of the Psalms, and to preform all other duties given in my name; and the High Priesthood that of miracle working, and organizing…