Revelation received by David Ferriman November 12, 2019. People had been debating the correct pronunciation of “YHVH.” David had been pronouncing it “Yahweh,” while others were pronouncing it “Jehovah.” After […]

Nishmat Chayyim and the Fohatic Keys

We are called to be stewards over all creation. One aspect that we do not necessarily think about is our energy, because we don’t see it as physical. It is such a part of us we seem to take it for granted. It is our vital force, the נשימת החיים, the nishmat chayyim-Hebrew for “Breath of Life,” called our Prana, the universal energy that infuses and vitalizes all matter, in Yoga.

Free Will

Many say that the greatest gift God has given us is the Atonement of Christ. This makes sense, as it is this atonement that grants us the Grace that offers us salvation. However, until we accept it, this grace is merely that⁠—and offering. Perhaps then, the greatest gift God has granted us is the freedom to choose for ourselves.