Louise’s Story

My oldest child Lisa was born June 15, 1966. Sometime shortly thereafter I began a quest to be righteous so that the Holy Ghost would talk to me and tell me how to raise her in righteousness.

Aleph-bet: Zayin, Chet, Tet

There are twenty-two letters in the Hebrew Aleph-bet (alphabet). This brief overview will define three of them, Zayin, Chet, and Tet, going over the basics of their mystical interpretations. In Mormon Kabbalah, these letters are used for spiritual communication in ways that do not require one to be fluent in the language. These letters help us gain a direct spiritual communication going beyond mere words.

The Sealed Book of Mormon & Kabbalah Presents Solutions

My perspective here is the newly released “Sealed Book of Mormon” gives us more insight as it reveals a way and hope for the Saints of the Restoration to answer the call to “bring forth Zion.” When I understood the message of Kabbalah and began to read these scriptures with this new lens, from a different way of reading scripture than I had previously, I felt a different spirit engage with me as the story became alive and leapt off the page.