Louise’s Story


The following was shared by Louise Andrus Knapp with permission. 

My oldest child Lisa was born June 15, 1966. Sometime shortly thereafter I began a quest to be righteous so that the Holy Ghost would talk to me and tell me how to raise her in righteousness.

I tried to be righteous but came to know I could not be good enough and there was no hope for me. In March of 1972 my friend Jean Poulsen taught me that indeed I could not be good enough on my own because I had a fallen nature and came to a fallen world and that my hope was in Christ. When she said that our hope is in Christ, my heart jumped for joy in me. She taught me from the scriptures about the atonement and I was born of the Spirit. It was the most magnificent experience of my life. I humbly acknowledged to my Savior that I could not be good enough and thanked Him for suffering pain for MY sins so He could meet that demands of justice. I repented of my sins and committed my life to Him. I was filled with His spirit with a burning in my bosom of such joy that I can not even describe it. I had a mighty change of heart and opened up to an insatiable quest for more spiritual knowledge and a deeper relationship with my Savior.

It is now 2020. Forty eight years later.

Last summer in August of 2019 Shaun lent me a book by Terry Livingood called AWAKENING TO SELF MASTERY. As I read it I thought the real message was Awakening to Translation. I had considered Translation somewhat for the last 47 years. Upon reading Terry’s book, I began to seek in earnest for the condition of translation.

Thursday February 6, 2020 I had an appointment with Ryan Higbee in Wellsville, Utah near Logan. Linda Andrus Stowell and Shaun accompanied me. Ryan told me that I can be translated and that I have already started on the process. He said I am 6% translated already. He said that I will die in three and one half years or that if I work hard on it I can be translated in 30 months. That would be August 2023.

He said I need to clear out and let go of all negative emotions and replace them with positive emotions. He said I need to rise to a higher level of vibration in 6 categories. 1. Physical. 2. Mental. 3. Emotional. 4. Spiritual. 5. Generational. and 6. Energetical.

Ryan helped me with the Generational aspect by leading me through a guided imagery experience. He had me close my eyes, breath deep and envision that I was with the Savior and handed Him my “baggage” (negative emotions etc.) Then I took my mother’s hand and led her to the Savior and put her hand in His. I asked her to give her “baggage” to the Savior. She did so and then He filled her with His love. She accepted it with gratitude and joy. He had me do the same thing with Pa. Pa also gave his “baggage” to the Savior and was filled with the Savior’s love. Ryan said that Pa wept with gratitude both towards the Savior and toward me. Ryan said that now Mom and Pa in turn will do the same thing for generations back one hundred generations and that it will take 5 days. Ryan said this experience will be effective for my ancestors, my siblings, my nieces, nephews, children, and grandchildren and on.

Ryan ask me what is the work of Translated Beings. I said it is to bring people to Christ.

It was a very profound experience for me. I loved it. It lifted me to a higher level.

Ryan said I have had 6 lifetimes including this one. One prior life was in the Nauvoo period but he couldn’t tell who I had been. He said I was noteworthy and influential. He said I died in Utah in the 1890s.

Louise Andrus Knapp

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