Together in Sisterhood


The following revelation has not been voted on and sustained as canon for use in the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship by the Assembly of Saints. We ask the Latter Day Saints read, study, and pray over this revelation before voting.

As early as November of 2019 Kristine, the co-president of the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship, received a revelation to the Fellowship and the Sisterhood of Christ. She did not, however feel the time was right to write this revelation down. On May 19, 2020 being in the Spirit of the Lord, she felt the time had come and recorded the following:

  1. Listen Israel to the voice of the Lord: I, the Lord your God, am displeased with the patriarchal hierarchy that has been besieged upon My daughters for generations upon generations.
  2. My daughters have too long been pushed down, their voices silenced, and their priesthood power and authority ignored.
  3. In these, the latter days, I have set into motion the circumstances and have provided the tools needed for My daughters in Zion to reclaim their spiritual power and their birthright.
  4. I command My daughters to amplify their voices, together in Sisterhood, and uplift and enrich one another so that balance between My sons and daughters can be found on the earth once again.
  5. My daughters; do not seek to be more powerful or mightier than your brothers, yet you should stand with strength and steadfastness next to them, as equals, and join together as one to do My work.
  6. My sons; open thy spirits and thy minds to My daughters, hearken ye unto their voices, seek ye to uplift and work one with another, and seek ye not to dominate over them.
  7. This assembly of spirits and minds is fundamental in order for My plans to be fulfilled.
  8. I have more to say to My daughters, but for now this is enough; organize yourselves, together as a Sisterhood, and I will further make My will known as it befits My work. Amen.
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Wow! What a powerful statement. It is verily true.


I love short revelations that get right to the point. No need to mince words.

Tili Ayala

This bore witness with my spirit that indeed it is a word from God, in defense of the male pride that has crept in the church, that only men can be used of God in the capacity of Leadership. I cried so much as I read this revelation, Because I believe without a doubt that it is a word from God.
From Tili Ayala

Victoria Ramirez

Thank you for presenting this revelation. I can heartily support this action as I have also known that the need of the hour is pressing upon whole of the restoration for women to have the opportunity to take their place in service to the work in service where we can receive their gifts and blessings, their love and compassion within the matriarchal priesthood.

David, First Elder

Very poignant and powerful revelation that clearly expresses the voice of God to Israel.

Kimberly Revel

I am in wow. I have live videos, that correlate. as I have shared what I have been going through in the last few years. the Spirit of the Mother is within me, the love for all that is created, I feel the land, the animal, and plant life. she has walked with me all my life.

Tobias Dijkstra

Thanks for all the teachings.

Vedasto Marqueta

The Spirit has testified to me that this person and this church group has no authority to speak for God. Please repent before it’s too late, and receive all that the temple, Jesus Christ and exaltation has to offer.

David, First Elder

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. As a non-denominational movement we welcome all opinions and invite all to come unto Jesus Christ. If you’d like to share in temple worship with us, temple worship is open to the public.