New ‘Worship Resources’ Volume Available Now


Worship Resources Lectionary Year B: Beginning Advent 2020 to Advent 2021 is an important resource for worship planning needs from Advent 2020 to Advent 2021. This volume is now available from Herald House Publishing.

A new feature of the book is the use of the Old Testament scriptures for more than half of the service outlines. The theme and worship planning for those Sundays will use the Old Testament scriptures recommended in the Revised Common Lectionary for Year B (semi-continuous reading).

Weekly worship outlines include Community of Christ worship themes, lectionary-based scriptures, ways to engage all ages, recommended hymns from Community of Christ Sings, drama scripts and responsive readings, specific prayers, focus moments, and worship settings.

Also helpful are the two Sermon and Class Helps that provide commentary on the lectionary scriptures each week. They are also good resources for personal or small-group study.

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