Lecture on 19 November on Bishop R.C. Evans


Join “Church History Without Boundaries,” a series of online lectures each Thursday at 7:00 p.m. Central Time through 19 November.

Participants will review pages of Community of Christ history, listening to guest historians share the global history behind Community of Christ. The eight-week series features church history from Nigeria, Korea, India, Canada, England, and the Holy Land. Registration is free. Online space is limited.

The remaining lecture is 19 November on “Bishop R.C. Evans of Canada: From the RLDS First Presidency to Schismatic Church Leader” with John Hamer.

More about this lecture series here.

Previous lectures

“1830s Latter Day Saint Missiology” with Seth Bryant

“The Church Encounters Asia. Beginnings: Korea” with Steve Shields

“Community of Christ History in the Holy Land” with Barbara Walden

“A Global Family: Strategies for Visualizing and Narrating Community of Christ’s Global History” with John-Charles Duffy

“The Story of Community of Christ in India” with David Howlett

“The Story of Community of Christ in Southeastern Nigeria” with Dima Hurlbut

“The Most Spectacular Harvest of Souls Since Wesley’s Time: Latter Day Saint British Isles Missions, 1837-1863” with Andrew Bolton

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