Honduras, Raked by Hurricanes, Receives Oblation Aid

Honduras, Raked by Hurricanes, Receives Oblation Aid

Apostle Carlos Mejia in Honduras reports that Hurricane Eta damaged the northern part of the country 4 November, followed 17 November by Hurricane Iota that destroyed many roads and bridges throughout the country. Communication since has been unreliable, Mejia says.

The Presiding Bishopric indicates $40,000 in Community of Christ Oblation Aid has been sent to assist in response to the storm damage. Oblation aid is part of the Worldwide Mission budget.

“We had not yet woken up from Hurricane Eta when the other Hurricane Iota arrived. This was an experience never lived for some generations,” Mejia said.

“Several of our members and many families in general lost everything. Reaching some neighborhood communities is like reaching a war zone, everything is [destroyed]. At this moment there are many places that the water is still flooding the houses and it is impossible to reach these people with help.

“Thank you to the entire church for your support in these difficult times,” he concluded in a recent message to International Headquarters.

Supporting Worldwide Mission Tithes helps meet needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic, storms, and fires around the world.

May we remember and pray for all those affected by these tragedies.

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