"Learn of me ... and ye shall find rest unto your souls." - Matthew 11: 29


dave02First, let me apologize for my dyslexia. While I do have friends and family that read this blog, none have been able (though a few were willing) to edit my work. Religion is my passion. Truth is my passion. This blog was written to express my religion and the truths I have found.

When reading various books and pamphlets from what is known in the LDS community as “anti-Mormon” literature, I find little need for so-called apologists. To be clear, anti-Mormon is an apt name as it means “in place of,” or in other words, “not Mormon.” And this is what it is, a man-made religion claiming to be “Mormonism.” Apologetics, on the other hand, is also a lie. The term is meant to relay actual Mormon doctrines, but generally musters a weak apology (no pun intended) for the errors in the works those outside our faith assemble.

Let’s make this clear, this website is neither written to replace or to apologize for the LDS religion. Rather, it is to explore its controversies. Religion cannot be defined quantitatively. When one speaks on religion, terms like “I believe” or “I can’t/don’t believe” are thrown around. This is because religion is not a measurable thing, it is a collection of shared beliefs. These beliefs do not have to be true or false, the are merely there to be believed.

For example, Christianity is formed by the shared idea that a man, likely named Jesus, lived and died just over 2000 years ago. That he came back to life and the suffering he went through will, in some manner, atone for the bad things we do; if we will, at the very least, believe the story – or in other words believe in the Son of God.

Those of us that believe, we are called “Christians.” But, the world at large, even though those in this circle, reject this loose idea and try to crowd out others for not sharing in the massive variety of extensions found in this belief (the many thousands of differing religions).

There is no empirical evidence that Jesus existed or did any of the things we Christians claim he did. So, everything boils down to the very simple, “I believe” or “I can’t/don’t believe.” Until time travel or one of the varying end of the world scenarios become a realty, no one will know for sure if Jesus was real, and if he was if he was a man, demigod, shared godhood with the Father or was the one and only true god made flesh (just a few of the many ideas the various faiths fight over). All we have is our own faith that he did or did not exist in some fashion.

This is what I call “the will to believe.” Something doesn’t have to be “true” for everyone for it to be true enough to those with the will to understand it on their own level. Personally, I believe that if mankind could go back, searched for Jesus and never found him, Christianity would still survive without him. Yet, I also know that he was and is a real person – the Son of God. Yet his reality is no longer relevant to the Christian world, as they have marketed him to a point where he sells so well that we today have literally thousands of differing Jesus’, all the Son of Man and the Son of God, will all kinds of differing religions all pretending to be the same one correct faith. The need for Jesus to be a real man–that lived, died, and lived again–ended some time ago; now he is just a name sold to the masses for money, power or even (rarely) healing.

We can look to any Church for guidance, but in the end everyone living worthy of the gift of the Holy Ghost has the Spirit of Prophecy and we should learn to rely more on the Lord and seek to do His will, by revelation, rather than just look to a religion for all the answers. A Church can speak to the masses, but the Lord can speak to us, one-on-one as He has done throughout human history. And this, really, is what this blog is about.

This website is not here to save your soul or to sell you on my variation of Jesus – who I believe he was and is. It is written in the hope of saving my own soul. These are my questions and my answers. I do not ask you to ask them or to believe what I believe, nor do they represent any religion as any official doctrine. This is what I like to call, “the doctrine of Dave,” as we all have our own religions/faith written on our hearts. It is a collection of my thoughts and my revelations preserved for my posterity. In the end, you should be resting on the shoulders of your own countenance and conscience, not mine. But if God has led you here, I pray that you do find something that will bring you closer to Him.

Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. – Peter, Acts 4:12

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