Louise’s Story

My oldest child Lisa was born June 15, 1966. Sometime shortly thereafter I began a quest to be righteous so that the Holy Ghost would talk to me and tell me how to raise her in righteousness.

Quantum Vision (Part 2)

I am going to try and describe something that is interesting to me. When I say “try to describe” I have to ask myself, how do you put pen to paper to name, identify something that is not tangible. Only end results give it identity.

Space Time (Part 1)

This report by Nassim Harriman on consciousness caught my attention because he talked about influence on space. Which as we search for a deeper insite into the work and purpose of Melchizedek Nassim’s report has a direct correlation. He is giving more detail of the laws Melchizedek uses. These details have to be a component of how that influence happens.

What’s in a Name

The Sages teach us in this parasha story which refers to events that transpired with Jacob: in Ecclesiastes there is a verse that talks about the sun rising and setting. The sun set early so that Jacob would have to sleep in Beth-El on his way to Haran, and it rose early on him in order to heal him on his journey to Haran. Upon reading this report by the Sage I could see that Jacob’s story is about our own soul’s life journey.