Kaf Hei Tav

Kaf Hei Tav is the eighth name of God. It is a meditation and mantra for defusing negative energy and stress. On a personal level this can be used for cleaning, or renewal. When used as a Priesthood ordnance, it may be used for comprot, cleansing and exorcisms. It draws on the purifying Light of Christ to cleans, restore, and refresh. 

The Son does what He sees the Father do

This is a famous scripture in Brighamite Mormonism within the Latter Day Saint movement. I was always taught growing up that this referred to the of God the Father once being a human man. Jesus some how saw the Father live His mortal life, and was doing the same. This never fully made sense to me, as I was also taught that Jesus was created as a spirit baby after the Father’s mortality, and for a number of other reasons. Speaking to a friend this week I was enlightened to a new way of understanding this scripture and in turn all scriptures.