Exploring what makes up Who We Are: Part 1 The Chakras

With the raising awareness, there has been much written about the chakras and the reason and purpose for being in our bodies. There is a lot of good and accurate information as well as a lot of teaching on the subject of the chakra system that misses the mark. In this article I will begin to clarify and bring into your awareness a better understanding of this topic.

Celebrating Rosh Chodesh

I have some insights that have been given to me, not just to me alone, as I will share my experience regarding this concerning Rosh Chodesh. Prefacing what I want to share about the instruction given concerning Rosh Chodesh, I write this to make some suggestions about how the service should be observed according to what is written about in the scriptures.

The Sealed Book of Mormon & Kabbalah Presents Solutions

My perspective here is the newly released “Sealed Book of Mormon” gives us more insight as it reveals a way and hope for the Saints of the Restoration to answer the call to “bring forth Zion.” When I understood the message of Kabbalah and began to read these scriptures with this new lens, from a different way of reading scripture than I had previously, I felt a different spirit engage with me as the story became alive and leapt off the page.

Nishmat Chayyim and the Fohatic Keys

We are called to be stewards over all creation. One aspect that we do not necessarily think about is our energy, because we don’t see it as physical. It is such a part of us we seem to take it for granted. It is our vital force, the נשימת החיים, the nishmat chayyim-Hebrew for “Breath of Life,” called our Prana, the universal energy that infuses and vitalizes all matter, in Yoga.