Last week I had a dream. It was one in a series of dreams I have had over the course of a year. I know these dreams are not ordinary dreams, but from the Lord. This most recent one was important enough that felt I should share it.  More »

Saturday, April fourth, I sat with my wife and (some) of our children to watch General Conference on our TV. We have been told to watch prayerfully with questions to receive answers from the Spirit, if not from the speakers themselves. I got both. More »

My vision of the creation came one night when I was in bed, pondering the mysteries of the universe. I had been praying and was filled with the spirit. I was pondering the theory of evolution and the creation story, as told by my religious relatives. As a teenager in high school, this seemed very important to me. The Lord had already shown me a few visions that evening and I was fearful of the answer I would receive. Would God reveal my understanding of the Bible false, or was all the scientific evidence a lie? How could science and what I thought the scriptures said be in conflict? More »

As a teenage boy, one night I sat in my room conversing with the voice of the Lord. I was asking Him questions and He was giving me answers. At this point He had shown me the creation of the Earth and enlightened my understanding in many ways. But I had one other question I was afraid to ask. More »

Several years ago I had a dream. In this dream I was at work, watching the news – everyone’s eyes were glued to the TV screen. The reporters were stating that the Garden of Eden had been found here in America. They were talking to experts in religion, philosophy, archeology, and more. What did this mean for the world? What did it mean for America? What did it mean for religion? More »