I want to thank my readers and supporters over the past few years for sticking with me and my blog. But, now my journey here is at an end and I am moving forward in Christ.  More »

With the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints pretending to be looking for middle ground in an effort to use religion as an excuse for businesses to discriminate against the LGBT community, the question must be asked, why? Why would the Church lie to the world like this? Do they even realize they are lying or are the deceiving even themselves? If the Church is based on revelation, why isn’t the Lord fixing this problem? More »

When reading various books and pamphlets from what is known in the LDS community as “anti-Mormon” literature, I find little need for so-called apologists. To be clear, anti-Mormon is an apt name as it means “in place of,” or in other words, not Mormon. And this is what it is, a man-made religion claiming to be “Mormonism.” Apologetics, on the other hand, is also a lie. The term is meant to relay actual Mormon doctrines, but generally musters a weak apology (no pun intended) for the errors in the works those outside our faith assemble. More »