"Learn of me ... and ye shall find rest unto your souls." - Matthew 11: 29

Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few questions I get more than others and are more about me and the site than Christ or spirituality. While these questions may seem rude or even hateful, they do serve their purpose. Hopefully the answers to them will help others get a better handle on what the site is about. 

Let’s start off with the most violent one I get regulatory.

Why haven’t you been excommunicated yet?

I am not looking to lead others away from the Church or from Christ. I don’t have a bishop that sees me as a threat. I don’t really know how to answer this question as I am not looking to be excommunicated from the LDS Church, and even if I were, it would not end my membership with Christ or affect my salvation as long as I stay true to God and his Christ.

Update: I was actually excommunicated in January of 2016, but not for this or any other blog. The exact reason for my excommunication was the Stake President bearing false witness against me, claiming I worshiped our Heavenly Mother. The charges I was told I would be put on trial was for attempting to help LDS Mormons leaving the Church to stay with Christ. Because of this, I brought only Moroni 7 as my defense.

Are you trying to get yourself kicked out of the [LDS] Church?

No. I am trying to stay in and help others with questions find a place in the Church.

Update: While I wanted to remain in the LDS Church, they did not feel the same way.

Do you even have a temple recommend?/Are you active in temple attendance?/Do you wear your garments? 

These are very personal questions. While people are free to ask them, I only answer them for myself, my Bishop, Stake President and my God. (My wife already knows the answers.)

Update: As I am no longer an LDS member, I do not have a temple recommend, nor would I require one.

Do you even go to church? 

Yes. I was inactive for about half of the year in 2014 and for about two or three years in my youth. But not because I lost the faith. In 2014 God told me to stop going to church as he needed me to focus on my family. There were a lot of false doctrines being taught to them by lay members and my wife and I were able to work that out. My wife and I had a baby over the summer in 2015 and we were not active for about two months around the birth of our seventh child due to the physical difficulties she was going through. Other than small things like these, we are very active.

Update: My family and I currently worship with Community of Christ, another Mormon denomination created by those that did not follow Brigham Young to Utah or join his newly created church.

Why are you trying to lead people away from the truth?

I am trying to find the truth for myself. Anyone else is free to join me on this journey or to go on a journey of their own.

You seem like a Liberal, are you one of those gay Mormons trying to change the Church, or one of those men trying to give women the priesthood or start worshiping God’s wife?

I would call myself a moderate, but to modern conservatives that would make me a liberal. I do find it hard as one of the 30% of members that are not conservatives to find a place in a church where the other 70% doesn’t seem to like or want us. That said, John A. Widtsoe stated;

The word liberal, correctly used, has a noble meaning. The true liberal hates slavery of every kind. He battles for human freedom. He wants liberty in thought and action. He is tolerant, free from bigotry, and generous in all his deeds. He places truth above all else and hungers for full truth. He welcomes all new improvements and calls for more . . . In short the liberal seeks to make better the day in which he lives, and he becomes therefore a crusader for the betterment of the human race… Under the true definition of liberalism, the Church of Jesus Christ is preeminently liberal. First, it makes truth and love of truth its foundation. The whole latter-day work was initiated by Joseph Smith’s search for truth. . . . It is understood that every worthy member of the Church must likewise seek and find truth for himself (Evidences and Reconciliations Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1960).

By this definition, I am definitely a Liberal Mormon/Christian. While I am always up for new revelation, my views (when I was LDS) on homosexuality and the Church can be found here and my views on women and the priesthood can be found here and thoughts about Heavenly Mother, here.

Why are there revelations on this site? Do you think you are a prophet? 

Yes and no. We are all prophets and all able, and even encouraged, to receive revelation (2 Nephi 32: 4-5). But I am not the head of any church or organization. I represent no one but myself and the Lord’s will for me. The revelations on this site are mine and mine alone, just as are the conclusions.

Mormonism is a religion of personal revelation, it’s a very personal religion. Just as every man is Adam & every woman Eve, so too is every member Joseph Smith, walking into a grove, seeking guidance from the only true source of definitive answers: God. All the theology of its various denominations are just there as a guide, and all the constant changes in every branch of the religion is living proof of this fact. When we look to live by the Holy Spirit we are only showing our obedience to the Laws and commandments of God. There is no reason to hide what we know or to fear that which we receive from the Lord.

More to come…

These seem to be the questions, or variations of them, I receive the most. As I get more questions, I will place the answers here.

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