"Learn of me ... and ye shall find rest unto your souls." - Matthew 11: 29

In the Garden

Several years ago I had a dream. In this dream I was at work, watching the news – everyone’s eyes were glued to the TV screen. The reporters were stating that the Garden of Eden had been found here in America. They were talking to experts in religion, philosophy, archeology, and more. What did this mean for the world? What did it mean for America? What did it mean for religion?

Most of the people talking the loudest used this discovery to “prove” their own religions correct. Jews were outside the Garden praying. Protestants were preaching loudly. Catholics were chanting and using hand signs, some waving containers of smoke. The Latter-day Saint missionaries in that area were talking to people and pointing out that Joseph Smith Jr. had said that the Garden was here in America. Muslims had gathered and were praying and reading the Quran.

Other world religions were represented as well, and each gave their point of view on what the Garden really was – Shangri La, Atlantis, etc… There was a fear among many that the unholy would die if they entered. Though the Garden had been found, no one has entered it yet.

The biggest shock came when the people who had made the discovery first walked in and came right back out. They looked just a little younger than when they went in, more refreshed and full of life. Though they had been gone but minutes, they stated they were in the Garden for years – a lifetime!

Now reporters were talking to physicists. These scientist were talking about string theory and quantum mechanics, trying to explain what had happened. Doctors were saying that the men and women that had come out were healthy and strong. Suddenly the push from people trying to get into the Garden was even greater as everyone wanted the “miracle food” inside. There was even an idea being entertained by some that entering would purify sins and that those that came out were now holy.

These reports went on for days. I watched them on my breaks at work and until I went to sleep at night at home. After the first week, fears of economic collapse due to interest in the Garden had faded, but people all over the world were making pilgrimages to get to the Garden of Eden. Coworkers kept asking when I was going, shocked to hear that I was waiting until my day off from work.

Finally that day came. I drove to Missouri and parked my car. I had to walk miles from there, due to all the abandoned cars of the people that came before me. As I got closer to the front, I could hear people talking as they came out.

“It was really beautiful!” exclaimed one woman.

“Yeah, but there wasn’t much to do,” came a response from a man.

“I’m getting a t-shirt, to remember the occasion,” said another.

Most of the responses were like this. It seemed that many wanted in, but once there they didn’t know what do it. It was a cool “trick of nature” to some and a “scientific curiosity” to others. Religious people that went in expecting to see angels or miracles came out disappointed. Some were even calling it a tourist trap.

As I walked passed them, a man tried to stop me from going in.

“Excuse me, I need you to fill out this survey before you enter,” he said, very politely.

“No thank you.” I said just as politely.

“I apologize for the inconvenience,” he said with the upmost curtesy, “but I can’t let you in until after you complete the survey.”

I tried to move him out of the way with my arm, but he put his hands up, asking that I not touch him.

“Can’t you ask someone else?” I asked, waving my hands towards all the people walking past me.

“We are asking everyone,” he said.

I looked around and saw a few other men dressed like him. They were all asking people to stop, but everyone was just walking past them.

Annoyed that he was focusing on me, but understanding that no one else was listening, I went with him. After sitting down, the man explained that people were going in but that they wanted to see what they learned while in there, among other things too lengthy to go over in this narrative. I thought this rather scientific and was suddenly a little more willing to help.

After filling out the forms and listening to his advice, I again started walking towards the Garden. As I walked in, I noticed that some of the other men had found a few people to take the survey. And, the people they found were in the same mindset as myself – annoyed but understanding.

Finally, I went into the Garden of Eden.

I was at once in shock and awe of the beauty. There were animals and plants there I had never seen with green so bright it was impossible not to feel happier looking at them. The colors of the plants and fruits were so vivid, unlike anything I had ever seen before. And the food was so good I felt as though I could eat forever and never feel hunger or full ever again.

The wonders and awe that I saw here were too great to describe in written words.

As I walked around, I noticed that other people didn’t seem care to talk to anyone outside the groups they had come in with. It was as if I were invisible. It was clear that some of them had been there for many years. There were merchants selling trinkets, which I found odd as they were selling things that could be easily picked up off the ground. Yet people were lining up to buy them.

Walking around I also noticed that there were people that would destroy life in the Garden just to watch it grow again. Some would cut themselves and pour water over their wounds just to see it heal. The power of the Garden was being used to entertain, not to edify or enlighten. I did not know why, but this made me very sad.

I do not know how long I was in the Garden, but after a time I felt the will to leave. Upon leaving, the man that had stopped me before was there again. I was feeling depressed after leaving, trying to process what I saw. I really didn’t want to talk to him. But, he insisted. I asked if I could come back later, promising that I would come back, but he shook his head no.

“You will forget,” he said. “We must do this now, while it is fresh in your mind.”

This made sense to me, so I glumly sat down. I went over everything I saw in great detail as he wrote everything down.

After I was finished, he looked me in the eyes and asked, “What did you learn from this?”

I pondered this for a moment and looked back at him and responded, “It doesn’t matter where you are, what matters is who you are.”

At this he smiled and my understanding of who he was transformed, I instantly recognized him an angel Lord. As I understood who he was, I warmed up, being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Before I could say anything else to him he responded, “That is correct, now go and tell everyone.”

And with that, I woke up in my bed.

This is a record of one of the visions and revelations I have had over the years with my own personal commentary. I have shared this, not to replace scriptures, nor to add to them. These revelations are mine and belong only to me and my family. They are not binding on any church or religion. Nor are they binding on my family. It is included here to be used as the Lord directs me and to help give readers a better look into my world view.

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