"Learn of me ... and ye shall find rest unto your souls." - Matthew 11: 29

King Benjamin’s Addresses – 40 Life Lessons

King Benjamin’s addresses, found in the Book of Mosiah, chapters 2 through 4 (Book of Mormon), may very well be one of the greatest teaching on Christ, the Atonement, and just being a Christian found anywhere in the scriptures. When introducing people to the Book of Mormon, I always ask them to start in Mosiah as this address is just too powerful to ignore.

The following is a list of all the teachings found in it.

  1. It is our duty to teach others what we know (2: 9)
  2. We teach by talking spirit to spirit (2: 9)
  3. We do not teach with fear or to (or by) placing ourselves above other, but rather by lowing ourselves through humility (Mosiah 2: 10, 11)
  4. We chose our leaders just as much as the Lord chooses them, as we can reject those the Lord sends – thus all of our leaders are chosen but us (2: 10, 11)
  5. It is our duty in life to serve others (2: 11-16)
  6. We do not serve others for power, nor by force but through love (2: 11-16)
  7. There is nothing wrong with paying a fair amount in taxes or putting tax dollars to work helping the poor (2: 14, 4: 16-27)
  8. Our service to others is really service to God (2: 16-19)
  9. Avoiding wars, strife and contention are forms of service (2:
  10. We should thank those that serve us and we should thank the Lord for the service we receive (2: 19-21)
  11. We show our thanks to God by service to others and by obedience to the commandments (2: 21-25)
  12. Everything we have come from God (2: 23-26)
  13. Everyone dies (2: 26-30)
  14. We must obey both God’s Law and man’s (2: 31-33)
  15. It is the devil that tempts us to reject God (2: 32, 3: 19)
  16. Obeying evil makes us unworthy of the Kingdom of Heaven (2: 33-39, 3: 12, 19)
  17. Obedience to God make for a happy life (2: 41)
  18. Prayers of the faithful are answered and revelation is given to those that seek it (3: 2-4)
  19. Jesus Christ is both the Son of God and the father of heaven and Earth (3: 8)
  20. He lived and died that we might be saved (3: 9-11)
  21. Children and those that have never heard the law are blameless (3: 11, 16, 21)
  22. There is no means to be saved except through Jesus Christ (3: 12, 17, 18)
  23. The Law of Moses was given to teach us of Christ, all prophets testify of Christ (3: 14, 15)
  24. The natural man is the enemy of God (3: 19)
  25. Like children, we must become¬†submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit God’s will for us in our lives (3: 19)
  26. Every nation will learn of Christ (3: 20)
  27. Once everyone knows of Christ, no one will be blameless except for children that have not yet been taught (3: 21, 22)
  28. Everyone will be judged and will reap the reward of punishment of their judgment (3: 24-27)
  29. Once we know God, we know our nothingness without God (4: 5, 6)
  30. One must realize their own weakness/powerlessness to be saved (4: 5-12)
  31. The truly saved feel the love of God in them (4: 11)
  32. The truly saved love others and do everything they can to help others, live in peace, and ensure everyone is treated fairly (4: 13)
  33. The truly saved will care for their families physical needs and raise their children in righteousness (4: 14, 15)
  34. The truly saved will care for others, lifting them above themselves (4: 16)
  35. The truly saved will not judge another but rather love all and realize their own sins without looking at the sins of another (4: 16-25)
  36. Wanting to do more when we cannot is worth more in God’s eyes than doing just what we can (4: 25,26)
  37. Caring for those without judgement hides our own sins (4: 25)
  38. Do everything in its proper order, we should not put the cart before the horse, so to speak (4: 27)
  39. Return what we borrow (4:28)
  40. Once we are saved we will ever strive to do right in the site of God (4: 30)

I am sure there is more I could add to this list, but this seems like a pretty good list. Feel free to add your own lessons from this address in the comments below.

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