Church vrs Torah

In the shower this morning I was considering the concept of “church”. Every time I run into a conversation on – church – I get uneasy. I don’t believe in church but I know the person does. The moral structure of churches are hypocritical, limited and artificial. I believe in the structure of society Moses laid out in the Torah, is more honest, and lends itself to spiritual connectedness to Gd.

In this Season

Information concerning warnings are simultaneous coming into my hands, the terrible cold weather and how unprepared we have been for it. Julie spreading herself so thin when she needed to have all her ducks in a row, door closing in Miranda’s face everywhere, I have had to rethink my position. I have had to work on identifying my purpose beyond what I have identified in the past.

Conversations on Dread

I don’t want to be crying wolf concerning the destructions, you know its about timing more than content. However, I have been thinking about the synchronicity of the information falling into my hands. So I want to record this.