Together in Sisterhood

As early as November of 2019 Kristine, the Elect Lady and co-president of the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship, received a revelation to the Fellowship and the Sisterhood of Christ. She did not, however feel the time was right to write this revelation down. On May 19, 2020 being in the Spirit of the Lord, she felt the time had come and recorded the following:

The Son does what He sees the Father do

This is a famous scripture in Brighamite Mormonism within the Latter Day Saint movement. I was always taught growing up that this referred to the of God the Father once being a human man. Jesus some how saw the Father live His mortal life, and was doing the same. This never fully made sense to me, as I was also taught that Jesus was created as a spirit baby after the Father’s mortality, and for a number of other reasons. Speaking to a friend this week I was enlightened to a new way of understanding this scripture and in turn all scriptures.

The Sealed Book of Mormon & Kabbalah Presents Solutions

My perspective here is the newly released “Sealed Book of Mormon” gives us more insight as it reveals a way and hope for the Saints of the Restoration to answer the call to “bring forth Zion.” When I understood the message of Kabbalah and began to read these scriptures with this new lens, from a different way of reading scripture than I had previously, I felt a different spirit engage with me as the story became alive and leapt off the page.

What’s in a Name

The Sages teach us in this parasha story which refers to events that transpired with Jacob: in Ecclesiastes there is a verse that talks about the sun rising and setting. The sun set early so that Jacob would have to sleep in Beth-El on his way to Haran, and it rose early on him in order to heal him on his journey to Haran. Upon reading this report by the Sage I could see that Jacob’s story is about our own soul’s life journey.

The Word of Wisdom

The Word of Wisdom is an interesting doctrine of all Latter Day Saints and Mormons that accept some form of the Doctrine and Covenants share. While we all enjoy the blessing of the revelation, it seems that each sect interprets it very differently. What does the Fellowship do with it? 

The Hidden Book of Moses

Of the many great mysteries posed by the bible, the attitude of the Jews toward the Samaritans is not one. Perhaps no other explanation need be sought as to why the  proceeding work was not considered for inclusion in the Hebrew Canon of scripture, notwithstanding their having preserved the oldest manuscript of the Torah available for centuries.