I want to thank my readers and supporters over the past few years for sticking with me and my blog. But, now my journey here is at an end and I am moving forward in Christ. 

When I started the blog, I needed a place to put my thoughts, and my pain, as I was trying to find the path the Lord had for me. It was clear that it was not with the LDS Church, yet so much of it I still knew to be true. At the time of this post, I am still a member. For how long will be up to them. I have been called of God to start something new, for those that love the Lord but not the evil the LDS Church does. I know the leaders of the Church are not perfect, but too many members make excuses for wickedness rather than standing for what is good.

While the LDS Church still holds the keys, they are not the only ones with them, as much as they like to pretend to be. I have been given the keys to start a new organization, the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship.


First, to be clear, this is not – at present – a church. This is information, as revealed to me on how the Lord wants His Church to run. How to organize it. What roles He needs people to fill and to play. This will not be a real church until the Lord brings more people to the table to fill the requirements for starting a legal church. Until then, it is merely a blueprint. It is an attempt to create a place where all those rejected by other churches or even accepted by other churches can find a home and fellowship in Christ. It is an attempt to bridge the divide. 

This Church. this Fellowship, is not being created to condemn or reject the LDS Church or any other church. The one thing I have learned over the years is that we are all able to receive God’s Grace if we but ask. Salvation is not tied to a church, it is tied to our Savior – Jesus Christ. The Bible won’t save us, the Book of Mormon won’t save us – Jesus will save us, if we but accept him. Regardless of your religion, if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior this is Church is meant to be a place for you to come and worship and fellowship.

The Lord is looking for volunteers. If you feel the Spirit that brought you here (the Lord put you on the path that brought you to this site) asking you to participate, please reach contact the Church via email:


God bless.

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