"Learn of me ... and ye shall find rest unto your souls." - Matthew 11: 29

In the Beginning

My vision of the creation came one night when I was in bed, pondering the mysteries of the universe. I had been praying and was filled with the spirit. I was pondering the theory of evolution and the creation story, as told by my religious relatives. As a teenager in high school, this seemed very important to me. The Lord had already shown me a few visions that evening and I was fearful of the answer I would receive. Would God reveal my understanding of the Bible false, or was all the scientific evidence a lie? How could science and what I thought the scriptures said be in conflict?

I prayed to see the creation, as recorded in the Bible, and a vision unfolded before my eyes. I saw gases and starts, the materials moved and the sun was formed, then the earth. It was as if time was on fast forward. The whole event happened as a series of events, a timeline shown to me with no explanation.

At first I was amazed at how quickly everything transpired. Seven days, as recorded in the scriptures, seemed like mere moments to me. As I asked questions, the events rolled back and played again, like a movie. But things were slowed down so I could see clearer.

Very quickly, I realized the problem with what I was seeing, time was not a factor to the Lord. The Earth was not created in mere moments, nor was it created in seven literal days. Visions are given, not in real time, but in the Lord’s time. To Him, all time is nonexistent. How does one that is eternal measure time?

When I asked him about the truth of the battle between evolution and creation, the voice of the Lord spoke to me.

“What does it matter, know that all things were made by My hand.”

But, I insisted. I wanted to know the truth, and I pointed out that He was a God of truth.

The Lord slowed down the vision again. This time I saw the creation of the planet, not just of the planet. I saw small cells multiplying and life forming. At a quick glance, it was easy to see how one could think things were being created out of nothing.

However, at a closer look, it was clear that life was growing, changing – evolving. I cannot say exactly how everything worked or in what order but a few things were made very clear to me.

First, nothing was an accident. Everything was created for a reason – for God’s plan.

Second, Adam and Eve were not alone on the Earth, nor were they the first people. They were the first people in the story of mankind as it relates to our salvation – the salvation of this human family. Not only did spiritual death enter the world through Adam, but spiritual life as well.

Third, revelation is a hard thing to understand. We cannot jump to conclusions and sometimes one revelation or vision can have many meaning.

Lastly, the Lord doesn’t always tell us what we want to hear. Sometimes He gives us the answer we need, even if it isn’t the answer to the question asked.

This is a record of one of the visions and revelations I have had over the years with my own personal commentary. I have shared this, not to replace scriptures, nor to add to them. These revelations are mine and belong only to me and my family. They are not binding on any church or religion. Nor are they binding on my family. It is included here to be used as the Lord directs me and to help give readers a better look into my world view.

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